What Are You Becoming?

Ryan Brooks   -  

Every Day you are becoming something, the question is what are you becoming?

If you are not asking yourself “what am I becoming”, then who knows what you will become.  Day in and day out we are becoming due to our decisions and the decisions of others.  Everything that you do and don’t do influences what you become. Have you ever asked yourself “how did I get here?” Of course you have, we all have asked ourselves that question. What if we started asking questions before we became and started making decision based on what God wants us to become.

My hearts desire is to help provide you with tools, resources, and coaching to help you and your organization become all that God wants you to be. Here is the tough truth of all of this, you can do nothing and still become something. Wait, Ryan are you saying you don’t have to do anything and still can become something?  Yes, that’s exactly what I am saying but will you be happy with what you become by doing nothing. Becoming unhealthy, doesn’t really take much effort. Letting your marriage drift apart, requires very little effort. Claiming to be Christian, but not living a life on mission, demands nothing on your part.  You can become something by doing nothing but it might not be what you want to become.

How do we become?

  1. We Become through Learning. It’s hard to live out what you have not learned in.  There are several ways you can learn and develop understanding.  Some people learn through reading, some through listening, some through exploration, others through failure.   What you become is directly connected to what you have learned even if you did not mean to learn it.  Take a moment to find where and how you are learning and you will see what you are becoming.
  2. We Become through Experience. Our experiences have a huge impact on what we become.  Our experiences shape our joys, passions and even fears.  Think about something you avoid or even pursue, you can trace it back to an experience.  Your experiences also serve as a great platform for exposure. Growing up I often heard “We are all like film, the more exposed the better developed.” Choose opportunities to expose yourself in new ways to help you become what God wants you to be.  Challenge yourself to have new experiences in different places with new people to help you become.
  3. We Become through Relationships. My learning and experiences have often helped me become on the platform of relationships.  Relationships have an interesting way of combining what another person has learned and experienced and present them to you in a life changing way.  Relationships also teach you about who you are as an individual and there are things you just simply not become in isolation. Your growth and development may be tied to a person and you are going to have to initiate that relationship.  Take some time and make out a list of people you may need to create relationship with or develop a deeper relationship with and pursue it.
  4. We Become through Resources.  A mirror is a valuable resource that you do not know you need until you cant find one to use.  Every resource for you become is not always in a book or on a podcast but is found in some very simple tools that give you very real feedback about where you are.  Tools that give you rhythms, plans, checklist, guidelines and maps become a critical part of what you become.  Take a moment and think about what tools you have and maybe even the tools you may need to help you become all God wants you to be.

Whatever you are, you became that. Think on that for a minute. Whatever God wants you to be, you can become that.  Work on that for the rest of your life.