"I read every book as if I am sitting down with the author to learn in hours what it took them to learn in years."
- Ryan Brooks -

What Call Will You Answer?

What if the church were filled with men and women who truly denied themselves in order to transform the lives of others? Imagine the impact your life will have when you walk fully in your God-given identity andpurpose. Our destiny begins with answering God’s call to a ministry of relationshiprestoration—as He works through believers like you to reconnect with His lost children!

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Dr. Bryan Lorritts

Pastor Ryan has a passion for gospel understanding and gospel application and it's painted through words on the pages of this book. "I Am Called" is full of simple yet powerful principles for understanding what it means to live out the gospel for Jesus no matter where you are in your walk with Christ.

Michael Lukaszewski

I’ve had the honor of working with Ryan for several years. He has the heart of a pastor and the mind of a scholar. This is a great book, with great lessons for anyone who wants to better understand what following God actually looks like.

Dr. Derwin L. Gray

Pastor Ryan, loves Jesus. Every page drips with love for our King. This book is filled practical insights and gems that encourage and equip you to live life on mission with Jesus.

Pastor Jerome Gay Jr.

Ryan Brooks has provided us with the 'now what?' of not just understanding your call, but answering and fulfilling it with joy, aggression, clarity and passion. I Am Called is a book provides people with the blueprint to realize their God-given design, because when it comes to calling, it’s not a question of whether you will answer a call, but rather which call you will answer.

J.D. Greear

Pastor Ryan offers an accessible, readable and faithful exploration of one of the Bible’s most interesting characters: Jonah. He shows that Jonah answered a question we all have to face at some point--Whose voice will I listen to? You’ll find these pages not only challenging and convicting, but encouraging as well. Read this book and share it with someone else!

Terrance H. Johnson

Many people go through life unfulfilled. In “ I Am Called”, Ryan unpacks how to discover your calling so you can live a fulfilled, fruitful, and focused Life.

Pastor Tony Merida

Of all the minor prophets, Jonah is the most popular, and that's because many know the story about the big fish. But the story isn't about a big fish, but God's big compassion for the world. It's also about the need to respond to God's call to reach the nations (including one's enemies!) joyfully and not reluctantly. If every Christian would take to heart the message of Jonah, the world would be turned upside down. That's why I'm happy to see Pastor Ryan's book in print. May we all respond to God's call of joining his mission with a grateful "yes," and may his compassion be more manifested in our lives."

Pastor Spence Shelton

Ryan has a rare gift of connecting with ease to people across cultural and generational lines. He is a masterful preacher who lives his sermons as pastors are called to do. In this book Ryan is inviting others into the joy of what he’s found in his pursuit of God’s calling on his own life. Read it and discover the joy of being called up to God’s mission.